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Hello everyone:) here's the trans for Popolo april issue:D omgsh so much ∞loveXD I love this rate each other thingXD you see how much they care about each other and its soooo sweet<3333

well here it goes:

Subaru's report card:

1. Live power: 5. Always prepared! I really need to learn from him
He's good at singing, he always stretches beforehand. He's a pro! by Nishikido

2. Solo power: 5. He knows what he wants to do!
He knows what he wants to do, and he does his part in Kanjani8. So perfect score! by Maruyama

3. Physical strength/power: 1. His ability to concentrate is amazing but after that....(laugh)
Shibuyan has the ability to concentrate, but after he uses all his energy, he won't move at all(laugh) by Yasuda

4. Popular power: 5. He's nice to girls, so I think he gets a perfect score!
He's Kanjani 8's main vocal! Of course he's popular with the girls! by Ohkura

5. Kansai power: 5. When he go overseas, the power comes out!?
Subaru is a guy who says kansaiben is understood in foreign places! I wonder how he talks? I would like to see it once~. by Murakami
*me too^^*

6.∞ power: 5. Thanks for bringing our tensions high!
Subaru always brings our spirits up before lives. I can feel that he loves ∞! by Yokoyama

recent news
Started out as "chankonabe"*a stew with a lot of vegetables and stuff*, but started going in the wrong direction....
I had nabe at a friend's house. It was a "chankonabe" but then they put soy milk, then kimuchi.... At the end it was a really weird taste (laugh).

Ryo's report card:

1. Live power: 5. From the rehearsal he takes the initiative
Ryo chan's passion for musical instruments is amazing! His views and ideas are used during lives most of the time! by Maruyama

2. Solo power: 5. He works hard in acting!
Acting is a really hard job, but he's working really hard by himself. That's why when it's work for Kanjani 8, I want him to relax and have fun. by Yasuda
*Yasu~!!!! you are soo sweet<3*

3. Physical strength/power: 5. Ryo chan is way more energetic than me!
Ryo chan's physical strength is amazing! He's very healthy!! by Ohkura

4. Popular power: 5. His shyness is probably cute
In front of girls it seems he can't show his true self, but that shyness is probably cute and that's how he gets popular. He's good looking, and he has like a mysterious, dark side to him or something(laugh). by Murakami

5. Kansai power: 2. I would like to see him in a dorama speaking in kansaiben!
Because of doramas, his image of Tokyo is strong! by Yokoyama

6.∞ power: 5. He broadens everyones ideas!
Everything he does he always says his opinion. From that the other member's ideas and thoughts expand. I think he really thinks about Kanjani 8. by Subaru

Recent news
Went my favorite band's live! They were so cool~
I went to go see Green Day. Every song it sounded like they were singing like "He~o♪"(laugh), it was fun. Lives are great!

Maru's report card:

1. Live power: 5. He can right away be like friends with the fans.
He's full of fan services! I think it's amazing how he communicates with the fans like their his friends. by Yasuda

2. Solo power: 5. His tension is more high when he's solo!
Maru is energetic and cheerful! When he's by himself he's more spirited(laugh)!! by Ohkura

3. Physical strength/power: 4. He's always saying "like" and "kind of"!
When I think he's all quite, he's sleeping all of a sudden, and he says "I'm kind of getting sick" or "I have like a fever". What's with this "like" or "kind of"(laugh)!? by Murakami

4. Popular power: 5. I think he can compliment girls
Maru is good at "complimenting" everyone. I think that kind of a guy will be popular with the girls~! I think, he's very American(laugh) by Yokoyama

5. Kansai power: 5. When he's not around it's really quite (laugh)
Maru is really funny! He's a mood maker! by Shibutani

6.∞ power: 5. Anyhow, when he's around it's fun!
I don't really remember what he said but(laugh). When he's in the dressing room, everyone is laughing. He's the best mood maker! by Nishikido
*awww RyoMaru love<333*

Recent news
I'm waiting everyday to go eat with Murakami kun
Murakami kun and I are talking a lot about going to eat but, lately are timing doesn't seem to fit! I want to go eat like Yakiniku!!

Yasu's report card:

1. Live power: 5. His ad-lib power during lives is excellent too!
For example, during a live his guitar sound didn't come out, so he started playing the guitar with his mouth! I was surprised when he thought of that. Yasu's performance power and ad-lib power is amazing! It will be rude to Yasu if he doesn't get a 5! by Ohkura
2. Solo power: 5. Perfect at everything, I'm jealous!
He compose songs, makes art, has a scuba license... He's so talented! So jealous! by Murakami

3. Physical strength/power: 3. He doesn't eat much, so I'm a little worried
Sorry to say but I have to subtract 2 points~(laugh). Yasu doesn't eat much, so I'm worried about his physical power. I want him to eat more, and get power! Although, during lives of course, he's full of physical strength and will power! by Yokoyama

4. Popular power: 3. A little different from the original "popular"!?
For Yasu regardless if their a guy or a girl everyone approaches him! by Shibutani

5. Kansai power: 4 He's usually nice but when he gets mad....
He's nice but, when he gets mad in kansaiben it's scary so subtract a point(laugh). When I'm playing around with Yasu he says "I'm going to beat you!" It's a joke though! by Nishikido

6.∞ power: 5. He comes up with a lot of ideas
He comes up with ideas for ∞, He's a gre~at guy! by Maruyama

Recent news
I lost my game machine and the software that I always carry around, so shocked!
I lost my cellphone game that I always carry around! Plus, I lost this baseball game that I was continuously working hard on(tears). Where did I leave it?

Ohkura's report card:

1. Live power: 5. We experienced a lot so no anxiety!
We've worked together and experienced a lot together, so of course he's doing his best! by Murakami

2. Solo power: 5. Solo power, member all of us our perfect score!!
Last year he worked with Yasu in a dorama! Of course it makes me happy to see the members working hard with their solo stuff! by Yokoyama

3. Physical strength/power: 2. Rather than physical strength, he lacks stamina!?
When we play sports together, he has an image of getting tired right away (laugh). I think in ∞ he doesn't have that much physical strength. by Shibutani

4. Popular power: 5. How he eats a lot is handsome!
Of course he's popular. I've never seen anyone who eats food so deliciously like him. He puts the subuta*pork dish* sauce on rice, everything he does is so manly. Even a guy would fall for him! by Nishikido
*LOLOL I love your reason Ryo!! but I love Ohkura eating tooXD*

5. Kansai power: 5. He's actually a very warm/faithful guy
He gets 5 for just being a "kansaijin" (laugh)!? The blood of being born in Osaka is impossible to dilute! by Maruyama

6.∞ power: 5. He's seen like the youngest child but he says his opinions!
In the group he's like the youngest child, and always smiling but, for work he has his own views. He says if he didn't have Kanjani 8 he wouldn't be able to work in this industry. by Yasuda
*awww~T-T so sweet*

Recent news
Yasu was suppose to go too but, I guess he hasn't gone yet
Lately, I'm trying to get my license for a bike! I had filming for the dorama, and couldn't go but I started going again.
*Yasu start going too! Ohyasu on a bike together<3*

Hina's report card:

1. Live power: 5. He's always doing his best and he's the one that cheers us up!
He is just too good at cheering us up! He's always doing his best as he can, as a member I always think he's amazing. by Yokoyama

2. Solo power: 5. Where ever he goes, he'll be okay!!
Hina can survive anywhere! Where ever he goes he can talk to anyone and he has a lot of friends. That part probably shows in his work. by Shibutani

3. Physical strength/power: 4. Because he has a lot of physical strength, overestimating is a taboo!
He's active, and has physical strength but gets injured a lot(laugh) That's why subtract one. There was a time when he was like "my leg....." and finished the whole tour and after he checked and it was injured. No more overestimating yourself! by Nishikido

4. Popular power: 5. Guy or girl, everyone will love his personality for sure.
He's a Kanjani~, of course he's popular(laugh)! He's popular from guys too. His way of living is like a samurai, he has a lot of friends that are like samurais. I think there's a lot of people who say they like his personality regardless if their a guy or a girl! by Maruyama

5. Kansai power: 5. Everything he says, does is clingy!
He's a clingy kansaijin! For example when he comes out of a store he's like "ookini"*thank you* or "maido"*see you* all the time(laugh)! by Yasuda

6.∞ power: 5. He makes the 6 of us come together!
He's eight's tsukkomi and the one to watch over us! Thank you always! by Ohkura

Recent news
I'm into genmai(brown rice) flakes that I could eat when I'm busy!
Lately, I'm so busy with the stage practice, and don't have anytime to rest, so I've been eating genmai flakes. I bring them to the practice room, and it's useful because I could just eat them right away.

Yoko's report card:

1. Live power: 5. I could tell he really values lives
For lives he always takes the part no one takes! by Subaru

2. Solo power: 5. Talks and stuff he always leads by himself!
The other day I went to a electronic store and saw Yoko's dorama playing on the tvs and I watched a little(laugh). I thought he was working hard. His talk is the funniest in ∞, he's the type that will have horse-power when he's doing his solo stuff. by Nishikido

3. Physical strength/power: 2. I don't think he has physical power... because, he's a prince!
During lives it's a 5 but usually he doesn't seem like he moves much(laugh). by Maruyama

4. Popular power: 3. Yokocho is really considerate
I think he'll be popular with people that like someone that's really considerate. On the contrary, if they don't like that they might feel sorry for him..... by Yasuda

5. Kansai power: 5. Kansai power= kansaiben! He uses it heavily(laugh)
I think "kansai power" means "kansaiben". Yokoyama kun's kansaiben is heavy/thick! by Ohkura

6.∞ power: 5. It's abnormal!? He has too much ∞love!
He loves Kanjani 8 so much that he's scared of getting rejected to go out and eat. It's a little gross huh(laugh) by Murakami

Recent news
Morning till night! Busy with filming!
I'm in the middle of filming the dorama "HTE"! The film spot is very peaceful and it's nice. During break, I'm memorizing lines!

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  • Kanjani 8 Nagoya tickets for sell

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