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**EDIT** I wasn't planning to translate this interview but I was reading a little bit of Maru's interview and it was soo sweet that I thought I should share with everyone. I'll translate the whole interview but I'll probably post two members at a time, since each interview is a little long. So please be patient with me:)
comments that are inside the ** is my opinion:D

MISS interview

"If were together, certainty we are laughing most of the time"- Nishikido Ryo
"We have our feelings based on the group, so our unity is strong"- Murakami Shingo
"There's a sense of security that there's nothing we can't do if their around"- Shibutani Subaru
"We're adults now so, we don't get into fights"- Yokoyama Yu
"When things don't go the right way, we might get impatient but still it's always fun"- Maruyama Ryuhei
"Since we debuted I always think I need to work harder so this year will be better than last year"- Yasuda Shota
"Always working hard makes us shine and its the most fun"- Ohkura Tadayoshi

Hina's interview:
What we have to think about is "what's good for Kanjani 8"

This year will be our 6th year from our debut. So far its been a fast ride. It was hard because right when we debuted our environment changed but we were able to have fun together so, I think now, we're able to talk and laugh about it.
Something that changed? The big foundation hasn't changed much. We started off with let's have fun!, that hasn't changed. It's always been we'll decide what's good for the group. Of course there's each of our opinions but, at the end we have to think "what do we have to do as Kanjani 8". I don't know what's right. But looking for the answer is fun, and I think everything is a challenge.
I get asked "what are the good parts of Kanjani 8?" but, we are not doing things because we think "this, is are good part". If we think that way, then that won't be our good part. If there's people that think "Kanjani is a fun group" then what we think is fun is accepted by everyone and that makes me really happy.
Personally, every work is fun, and there's no number one for me. I feel like it's worth doing when I get offered something that's the total opposite from what I want to do. Its like trying out the food that you didn't like. And, whatever comes my way I don't want to say "this, I can't do". I think all my experiences pile up and make who I am right now.

Backstage 1 The staff saw!
Murakami kun's other side
During the interview, whenever Yokoyama kun commented, sometimes he'll take a peek with a serious face. It seemed like he somewhat cared<3 And during the interview he was sitting up straight in the chair. He really is reliable, and eight's older brother character!
*Samurai Hina~!!hehe*

We ask Murakami kun! What do you think about the members?
Maru: Him and Ryo are always noisy. Those two are the most liveliest in the group. *RyoMaru love aww so cuteXD*
Tatsu: He's mostly just day dreaming
Yasu: He plays the guitar a lot. It's either that or he's day dreaming
Yoko: Playing game, or eating, or thinking about something. He doesn't talk much.
Subaru: Most of the time he's talking to one of the members.
Ryo: Plays the guitar, and sings. He's really hyper. *awww I want see and hear him sing><*

Maru's interview:
Kanjani's good part is we are like "organic vegetable" idol!
We're always told "you guys have unity" but I don't really get it. We're pretty different, and I don't think the group thinks "lets become as one!". If the fans see us like that, it's probably because each of us are considerate about each other. I think I'm able to relax and work because the members understand me and let me do whatever I want to do. O, but every time we do a live our bond gets stronger. The moment where I think we become as one is when the fans sing a long and the whole stadium become as one. Also, we have unity when we're being noisy in the dressing room(laugh).
To be honest, after joining Johnnys I gradually got into this business. I was having fun and just going with the flow and now I'm in Kanjani 8(laugh). Personally, I don't think much. They can't lie, they express their true self, everyone is individual, but we care for each other. That's why I love the members. *that's why we LOVE you guys<3* Everyone smells like dirt*someone that's from the country side* and is like organic vegetables huh? Kanjani's good point is we're not "100% idol".
To me Kanjani 8 is excitement, and a place to learn. But I wonder if I'm growing....? I want to experience more things, and be able to encourage people, I wish to be like that in the future.
*Maru~!!T-T you made me teary while reading your interview!! You are so warm-hearted and amazing!! I think you are already encouraging a lot of people<3 Ganbare~!!*

Backstage 2 Maruyama kun's other side
Maruyama kun brought the MISS editors presents! All the staff members are very impressed. This day Kanjani 8 had other work and he's probably tired but still is considerate to the staffs, our eyes turned to hearts!

We asked Maruyama kun! What do you think about the members?
Shin chan: Health comes first! He always works too hard, and misreads his limits.
Tacchan: Be careful with drinking and eating too much. He's trying to manage his physical condition, so I'm looking out for him.
Sho chan: I'll give you a little bit of my height, so please give me your art or instrument, or your reflexes. *maru you are soo cute<333*
Yuuchin: He bought me Yakiniku set meal. It was good so treat me again.
Shibuyan: I don't know why but, the word "ichigo iche" *means: once in a life time encounter* reminds me of him.
Ryo chan: Advance with all your power. I want him to go forward the way he wants too. *mentor maruyama?XD*

Ohkura's interview:
I want to work to be able to give happy surprises
Kanjani 8 is made up of music and live that's my impression. Live is a place where we express ourselves, or to self-assert, and do other things. We first, started out with a live, we were only doing lives. We kept doing lives and plays, and more and more fans came, that's how the group came along. A lot of things happened, try to establish our own character, it was all trial and error.... Because of that, the characters in the group now are made up. Music is normally a way for artists to have people relate to the artist's feelings or to send some kind of message but, to us I think there's so much stuff packed inside.
Pressured for lives? I never felt pressured. People in Johnnys stand on big stages when their young. Those people are the ones that are still here. That's why those people probably don't feel pressure anymore.
Tho goal for Kanjani 8 is to have a lot of people see our lives, of course the fans have seen our lives but I think there's more people that haven't seen our lives. I think there's a lot of people that only know us from the image from tv shows, so I want to do something on tv to show our live atmosphere. With confidence I promise we will show you something good!

Backstage 3
From tv and other images we thought Ohkura kun doens't talk much but... In reality he talks so enthusiastically what a happy surprise! Plus he looks into the eyes of the person he's talking too. Applaud to that posture!!

We asked Ohkura kun! What do you think about the members?
Hina chan: He doesn't like it when things aren't consistent, he's like the strict human, he's just straightforward.
Maru: Has two personalities. He's like a light bulb, when you turn off the switch he disappears.
Yasu: He's like a shop manager of a high-class boutique(laugh). He's very thoughtful.
Yokoyama kun: He's a mixture of an adult and a kid, he's a mysterious person.
Subaru kun: He's like very individual. He's a person that expresses his characteristic with his whole body.
Ryo chan: He's stubborn and clumsy.

Yasu's interview:
As Kanjani 8, I want to act together and be on screen *Yasu you've been saying this everywhere! Please Johnny san listen to him>< make it come true!!*

Because we're idols from Kansai, is there something different from the other idols...I never deeply thought about it. But in the beginning we were desperate, if we didn't work hard we couldn't debut. And then even after we debuted, I always think I need to work harder so this year will be better than last year.
Lately other than group work, our solo work increased, we are able to be in doramas, but acting is like making a fine art piece. But it's really hard. Long time ago I was told "I don't think you can act out a scene if you never experienced that before." I thought if I don't experience a lot of things I can't do this job. Can't do it if your not rich with sensitivity... I have to gain more experience(laugh). But even if its singing or acting to clear that stage its important to put all your effort. For example the group chooses a goal, and if we clear that, we keep on making new goals. I think its important for the whole group to be looking in the same direction. I don't know if that's the reason but, compared to when we just debuted we talk to each other more, and is able to say our opinions. I want to make the group better! I want to be big as Kanjani 8! I want to hold on tight to that goal, and I want to be able to talk with everyone to make us better and better. *yasu<3*

Backstage 4
During the interview Yasuda kun answered with so much emotion. After the interview he said "was my answers okay? Thank you" He is very kind. We need to learn from him!

We asked Yasuda kun! What do you think about the members?
Murakami kun: When it's wrong he'll tell you its wrong, he's like a big brother.
Maru: He's good at being considerate about people's feelings, he's just really a kind-hearted person. *awww Yamada LOVEXDD*
Ohkura: He's like a Yakushima cedar tree. He's just sits so confidently, he's like a natural monument.
Yokocho: I thought of the same thing as Ohkura! He's a adult,kid.
Shibuyan: He's like a person that lives with his feelings. He's giving off what he feels.
Ryo: He has his on and off. When its fun, its fun and when its not fun its not fun(laugh).

Yoko's interview:
It's like fate how the seven of us met, I want to be at the top with the seven of us!
Junior days and when we just debuted I was just vigorously pushing forward, but in these few years we had a lot of times where we had to say our own opinion and I feel the importance of each year. Solo work has increased, and it makes me happy to see everyone working. I want to see the members on tv everyday. I think we can all do more. To tell you the truth we're not busy. Everyone is saying "I have so much free time".
We came into this industry aiming for the top, its like fate how the seven of us met so of course I want to aim for the top with them. I say this but I don't know where the top is. But if I know, I'll stop there, so I think its better not to know. But Johnnys you get to directly see how amazing the senpais are so there is a admirable target. The "Arashi" now is the same. If we compare ourselves to "Arashi" we really can't compare to them. Plus "Arashi" doesn't think their at the top. That's the amazing part about "Arashi".
Right now I'm able to do acting, singing, and variety shows but out of those I don't have a number one. If I pick I think there's no meaning for me joining Johnnys. I love Johnnys because I'm able to do everything, I want to be here. That's why I'll take any job. Whatever job I get, I'll just put all my effort in it.
In a year and little bit I'll be 30 years old but, I don't feel it. I don't have any confidence I'll be an adult by then. When I turn 30...., I want to be big. And, be on tv a lot!
*Yoko~T_T while translating I'm really loving ∞ more and more*

Backstage 5
Beginning to end he was looking down, and whenever he commented he slightly looked at his silky bangs. Perhaps, he's shy? But in the end he greeted us like "I had fun!" in a really big voice.

We asked Yokoyama kun! What do you think about the members?
Ohkura kun
*this is Yoko's "what do you think about the members" answer: You ask what I think about the members. You ask that now? That's hard----- Nothing in particular! *Yoko you never call Ohkura "Ohkura kun" its soo weird to meXD haha and I know you have a lot to say about the members you're just too shy right?XD

Subaru's interview
We can sing, because the fans are there. I'm really thankful
Kanjani 8's songs there's no "it" rule. We don't want to be captured in one genre, so we have funny songs and also have christmas songs. All the members can sing, and play an instrument. There's a lot of things the MISS readers don't know and haven't seen about us. Some what "noisy,hyper" that's Kanjani 8. We can exist because there's fans that support us. Live is a place where we can directly communicate with them so its very important. Every time we think of the configuration of the live, we only think about how will the fans be happy and enjoy the live.
5years have passed since our debut, but it's still not even halfway. It's only 5 years, we still have a long way to go. There's a lot of challenges. I have a lot of things I'm not good at, so this year I'm thinking of trying to do the things I'm not good at. I'm not good at dancing, and I'm really slow at memorizing the steps. Instrument too, I still lack skills. If I keep going, it will be everything but... I want to get better one by one, little by little. If it's about me, there's a lot of things to think about but, when the members are together, we trust each other so it's like reassuring, and there's that sense of security that there's nothing we can't do. Live, tv, music they all have their fun and hard parts. I hope to be able to express/show ourselves, our way.

Backstage 6
The ultimate backstage here!! Frankly the free and uncontrolled Maruyama kun farted during the shoot and we catched Shibutani kun's frowning expression saying "it smells!". The other members were in bitter smile, but honest Shibutani kun couldn't hide it!?

We asked Shibutani kun! What do you think about the members?
Hina: Murakami san, good luck with your play.
Maru: I always don't know what your thinking. Right now I hear roars.... *lol maruXD*
Ohkura: Be careful of eating too much.
Yasu: Be careful of drinking too much. *I agree!*
Yoko: Yoko, good luck with the dorama
Ryo: You're so dark.....

Ryo's interview:
Seven of us are "enemies" (laugh). I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding! We have a lot of components that's Kanjani∞

This is my second time appearing on MISS. Last time I was on as a NEWS member. U~n but my feelings for both group is big. Basically, I'm not like "today it's Kanjani so have fun!"(laugh). Well, its for sure that I'm laughing more with them than when I'm alone. If I were to compare working with Kanjani it's like seeing your old friends. Actually their enemies. I'm just kidding! They are colleagues, and also friends. While the adults look at us with cold eyes, when we are being loud and playing around we're like brothers. The members have so much component to them. But if I were to describe them in one word I guess it will be enemy? I'm sorry. For saying stupid things.
I think Kanjani is going in a good direction, right now. I'm not really sure what's good but, I hope to keep on going in that good direction. I think all the members posture of doing their best at something has grown. Probably each work they get, compared to before their more aware of things now?
Now, our base for work is Tokyo, but I'm okay with going back to Kansai sometimes for lives or work. I was happy that last year we were able to do countdown at our hometown. Yup. If we get another chance, we'll love to do it again.

Backstage 7
During the interview, Nishikido kun was carrying his guitar the whole time. Just when we were thinking he really likes music, he ate the rusk that the editors brought for them! "This is so good!" and his attention went to the rusks, he put down his guitar, and kept eating.

We asked Nishikido kun! What do you think about the members?
Murakami kun: Depending on my mood sometimes I call him "Hey, Hina!". How are you?
Maru: Please be more reliable.
Tori chan: Do you like yakitori?
Sho chan: You always smell good. What's the scent?
Yokoyama kun: His outfit today is very cute. Do you like bow ties?
Subaruk kun: You really like katsu don right?

To the fans.... From Kanjani
"I want to be able to express our feelings of "thank you" through our actions. We will work hard this year too!" -Murakami Shingo
"I think because we have seven people in our group one of us should fit your type. Please watch our CD or DVD once!" -Maruyama Ryuhei
"Fans are everything. I'm really thankful because our group is made up of everyones support!!" - Ohkura Tadayoshi
"I want to betray everyones expectations in a good way and bad. But we'll never betray your encouragement/support." -Yasuda Shota
"I'm really thankful for making us grow this much. Please keep on supporting us!" -Yokoyama Yu
"I hope by the end of the year we'll be more and more big. Please keep on supporting us!" -Shibutani Subaru
"I'll do my best with whats in front of me, and sometimes I'll work hard on what's in the future. I'm bad at expressing a specific "something" so.... Sorry" -Nishikido Ryo

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  • Kanjani 8 Nagoya tickets for sell

    It's been a while since I've posted here... I have total of 5tickets for Kanjani 8's Eightertainment Nagoya 12/24/16 show I have 3 seats and 2 seats…


    Hello~!!!:D a little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone^^ its been a while but I wanted to share some translations:) Here's the november issue of…

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